Maximize Athletic Performance


With personalized instruction to guarantee proper form, MAP professionals will help you excel in your performance and skill.


One on one private training sessions. Following the assessment, athletes execute personalized training materials in private setting.


Using assessment data, clients are shown corrective exercises and proper biomechanics with the instruction of one of our coaches.


We’ve worked with professionals in every sport to revolutionize their fitness training through expert coaching, personalized instruction, and industry-grade equipment.

After years of perfecting the process, we’ve built a system to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and sports performance.


Supplement your fitness journey with our online training program.

Our online program offers easy-to-follow instructions and personalized workouts based on your goals. We make sure that you are getting the most out of every workout by teaching you the principles of training and nutrition so that you can MAXIMIZE your gains to look and feel great.

No experience is needed to start your journey with us. Every video has a detailed explanation of how to perform each exercise. With our two-way messaging, we are only a click away to answer any questions you might have. We want to provide you with a personalized fitness experience at the hands of your fingertips!

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Ready to get started?

Book an assessment and we’ll evaluate how you can Maximize your Athletic Performance through our personalized instruction and data-driven appraoch


Your initial assessment and treatment takes approximately one hour. Follow up visits are either 30 or 60 minutes in length depending on a variety of factors.

Definitely. While we start your initial assessment with a thorough postural assessment, your first visit will also include a thorough treatment session. As we get to know you and how your body works, it is important for us to combine treatment and continual re-assessment.

After you initial assessment, your coach will provide you with a recommendation based on your need. We recommend incorporating M.A.P. into your routine at least once a month to most effectively Maximize your body.

Yes, check out our online training program here to level up your fitness and nutrition.

Please bring comfortable athletic clothing for your treatment session. We ask that you wear shorts during your session.